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Christmas Tree's: Potted VS cut tree's

Another year is coming to an end, and what better way to celebrate the festive season than with a real Christmas tree? Callitris rhomboidea, also known as the Port Jackson Pine or Oyster Bay Pine, is an Australian Native Christmas tree which is found in South Australia, Queensland, New South Whales, Victoria and Tasmania. Producing cones in tight little clusters among the olive green foliage, the Port Jackson Pine loves semi-shaded areas and is hardy in most soils and conditions.

If you ask us, potted Christmas tree's are much friendlier on the environment than your classic cut Christmas tree, which is generally thrown out after the holiday is over. These tree's generally take 7-10 years to grow, only to be thrown away....what a waste!

A potted will allow your Port Jackson Pine to bonsai well, whilst keeping it alive for years- a much more sustainable way of getting into the Christmas spirit! Give back to Mother Nature this Christmas by choosing a Living Christmas tree.