Harvest Seeds & Native Plants Nursery | Australian Native Plant Nursery Sydney

Australian native plant nursery supplying plants, seeds, & tube stock to wholesale and retail customers. We also supply native bush foods.

What we do


Harvest Seeds was established as a wholesale seed supplier in 1986 by managing director Marina Grassecker. Since those beginnings, the company is now involved in landscape and revegetation consultancy and design, seedling and plant supply.

Our expertise also encompasses related activities, such as producing attractively packaged native seed packs for retail sale, individual marketing promotions with a ‘green’ theme for companies, corporations and government departments.

Harvest Seeds & Native Plants has gained a reputation of supplying seeds and propagating plants from specific provenances for major revegetation projects and plays a vital role in furthering research, seed collections and propagation of our Australian native grasses, rushes and sedges.

                           This ‘ere is the wattle
                           It’s the emblem of our land
                           You can put it in a bottle
                           Or you can hold it in your ‘and
                                                  .....Monty Python

It may be just a wattle to most people but it is Harvest Seeds & Native Plants’ business to know the difference between more than 800 species of Wattle, more than 700 species of Eucalyptus, and the countless other seeds of Australia’s rich and unique plant life. In addition to an extensive Seed Catalogue, Harvest has qualified in-house seed collectors who can locate seeds for most requests.

Through importing and exporting seeds, we have established a network of collectors world-wide.


Internationally and in Australia, responsible developers are minimizing environmental damage by ensuring that they know what vegetation exists before a project commences. Species on road sites, for example, must be accurately identified in order that the revegetated roadside bushland or any site, achieves the local ecological balance. Harvest Seeds & Native Plants locates seed for revegetation projects, meeting any provenance requirements, recommending appropriate seed collections and plantings.


Native seed collection and germination are fields in which there is still much to be discovered. Harvest Seeds & Native Plants play an important part in research, exchanging information with botanical authorities, academics and community interest groups involved in revegetation.

The company believes strongly in the importance of establishment and regeneration of native species. Research is constantly being undertaken into methods of collection and germination of untried and endangered species.

Harvest Seeds & Native Plants has been involved in the collection and supply of a wide variety of native & exotic seeds since 1986. We maintain the highest standards in collecting, processing, and storing seed.

Our native plant nursery has been operating since 1995 propagating mostly Shrubs, Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Wildflowers, especially those of Sydney and surrounds.

We have a particular interest in propagating native grasses, rushes and sedges and have done considerable research in this area. Happily, the ecological importance of these understorey species is now being recognized, as is their appeal in enhancing any native landscape or home garden.

We offer

Landscape & Revegetation Consultancy
Native & Exotic Seed Supply
Provenance Seed Collection
Native Grasses & Wetland Species a Specialty
Contract Propagation
Grow-Cells, tubestock & plant supply

We produce and package a range of beautifully presented seed gift packs, supplied to retail garden and gift shops. Species selected for the packs are easily germinated, hardy, well known and loved native plants. A perfect gift for home gardeners.