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Acacia pravissima

A fast growing, low-branching, small evergreen tree  to 10m with superb

blue green foliage displayed on a graceful, slightly weeping form.

A flurry of soft yellow honey-scented flowers covers the plant in late winter.

Thrives in coastal conditions and quite drought tolerant when established.

Acronychia oblongifolia

A small to medium  bushy rainforest tree  to 10 m  with Striking bright white fruit hat is produced during winter.

A good food source for birds and can be

Eaten by humans. Fruits have a orange

flavour with a pleasant aromatic peppery


Enjoys a well-drained soil and sunny aspect,

and benefits  from extra water and fertiliser

Allocasurina distyla

A tall bushy tree that usually grows to 2-3 m in height, although in richer soils it can reach 7 metres tall. Pruning plants can increase their


Often planted to attract birds such as finches,

lorikeets and cockatoos that build nests

in the branches and feed on the flowers and


They are also beneficial in soil stabilisation and

 erosion control.

Angophora costata

Angophora hispida

Angophora floribunda

Banksia integrifolia

Coast Banksia is an attractive shrub or

 tree  from 8-15m with upright, cylindrical

 heads of pale yellow flowers, suitable for

 coastal planting  in frost-free, temperate areas.

 Flowering occurs from April to September,

 and sporadically at other times.

 Prefers sandy, well draining soils and is

 wind and salt tolerant

Callistemon salignus

Callitris rhomboidea

Corymbia gummifera

Diospyros australis

Eucalyptus amplifolia

Eucalyptus capitellata

Eucalyptus cinerea

Eucalyptus crebra

Eucalyptus haemastoma

Eucalyptus maculata

Eucaluyptus piperita

Hymenospermum flavum

Melaleuca quinquenervia